Transforming genius
into generational wealth.

About Us

Our Founding Focus

Collab Capital was built to invest financial, human, and network capital to effectively support, grow, and sustain Black-owned innovative businesses.

Our vision is to ultimately establish a pathway toward economic parity, for the Black community, through increased ownership within the innovation economy. That is how we will define success.

Where capital and community converge to create a home for Black innovation.

Our Portfolio
We invest in Black founders because they represent both the fastest growing entrepreneurial segment and the most under-resourced and under-networked segment in the US.

Investment Process

Our New Approach

Collab Capital’s mission is to decrease the racial wealth gap by helping Black founded businesses overcome the funding and network challenges that often stifle their growth.

To accomplish this, we’ve designed a new investment product which aligns our interests with both the investors and founders we serve.

Collaborate With Us

Learn more about how we invest and what we look for in our founders and portfolio companies.